The walking cliche

The walking cliche

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Leather jacket? Check
Motorcycle? Check
Bad boy? Check
Signature smirk? Check

I'm a fucking cliche but chicks seem to like it. They think they can save me.
As long as I get laid, I'll let them try.

Hi, I'm Jake and you're in for a hell of a ride.

[Jill: The bad girl and the dork]
[Gwen: Pins and Needles)

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  • challenge
  • flirt
  • kiss
  • man-whore
  • motorcycle
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sherocandy sherocandy Aug 21, 2016
Yeah, and I need a really cute kitten that likes to cuddle right now... seriously I do
PotatoEmperorIkra PotatoEmperorIkra Aug 16, 2016
Well on that case:
                              I want to be a werewolf, and I want to be one now.
foxyroxy818 foxyroxy818 Sep 06, 2016
img i love winx club especially aisha like idgaf if im a big kid its not illigal
keepcalmandtroton keepcalmandtroton Apr 05, 2016
Where is that restaurant and are there any jobs free? Erm... Just asking... You know... For a friend...
I'm laughing and it's already the seconde phrase god im gonna enjoy this
_speck_ _speck_ Oct 16, 2016
I used to love pikles. I don't anymore. From now on. Rest in peace pikles