Narnia: Daughters of the Sky

Narnia: Daughters of the Sky

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Courtney By Forever_Indebted Completed

Alexandra and Cassandra Hunter are twins living in an orphanage somewhere in the country. They have no knowledge of what is outside of the small town they call home or of their mother and father. 

One day, they enter the mystifying world of Narnia and they weren't prepared for what happened next. Talking animals, a war, endless winter, and the sudden appearance of the Pevensie children completely boggle their minds as they are also trying to understand who they are.

The Pevensie children completely changed the Hunter sister's lives forever as they fight alongside each other, create alliances and make enemies. We all know how the story ends for the Pevensies, but what happens when one of the sisters falls in love and is left behind?

"Daughters of the golden sun and silver moon, shall rise and melt the winter.
Destinies are told, when the lion shows. The war shall end by Orion's bows. 
Narnia's fate lying in their eyes, whether everything lives or everything dies."

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nitaliab925 nitaliab925 Apr 16, 2016
I think this is good so far I mean it's not the best thing I've read but it's alright
TheLillo TheLillo Oct 26, 2015
Do ot trust trees!!! And whisper you insolant girl! The Witch might get ya!
TheLillo TheLillo Oct 26, 2015
Because you are a decendant of the first woman in the world, Eve :)
TheFangirlLife TheFangirlLife Aug 15, 2013
I love this! Narnia is the best book and movie I screamed when I saw this!
readmystory readmystory Sep 22, 2012
im like a really big narnia fan and when i saw the title of the story i knew i had 2 read it =)