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_Ahankara_ By _Ahankara_ Updated Nov 02, 2020

"I just wish time had a better timing for us. Maybe we found forever at  wrong time, maybe, someday time will pull us back together. Weave our happily ever after," 

"Don't blame time for your selfishness,  Khushi," 


Three-years-ago, Prince Arnav's love of life had disappeared. She ranaway on their wedding day. Prince Arnav was heartbroken and found himself in secret therapy confiding in his therapist turned friend - Ishani Acharya only. But with manipulative ministers and gold digging bitches. Scandalphilic baby brothers. Emperor cousin brothers and responsibility as a prince and heir to his family. It all seemed to be too much for a prince.

A prince who finds himself getting married against his wishes to the lowest scum on the whole planet. A girl who definitely had conspired with the minister to become the Rani of Monohara. But with the sign of his childhood love's return.The ghosts of a quite unburied love dancing and singing in the halls of his palace.