Letters To Xavier | 1

Letters To Xavier | 1

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Jennise K By Sannyaahhh Completed

10 years ago,
we were best friends
We were each other's shadows
We were inseparable.

But then he left. 

No letters
No phone calls
No contact


I was devastated.
I missed him.
I couldn't even tell him I loved him.
But I had to do it.

So, I penned it on a paper.

My very first letter to Xavier.

10 years later, on my 18th birthday
Just when I decide to write my very last.

He returns. 

Final Manuscript - 100%
Published               : 17th August 2014
Highest Rate         : #24 in Teen Fiction

ExoticLuna ExoticLuna Jul 08
Damn I remembered the Korean drama Goblin when I saw the word candle.. I'm hopeless
lilsies lilsies Apr 10
Well, fate has other plans... I might come sooner than you think...
yasinlpz yasinlpz Jun 07
Wow but you do know if you say what you wish for won't come true right anyways I hope it does😍
I don't know why but i feel really nice after reading this . Thank you Jennise !
My hearts already breaking and we're only on the first chapter 😭😭
Hi have read this book it is really good. But I remember the story of this book. But I can't remember the name of the book for it could you tell please as I would like to read it again  as I loved it and I think it is not in my library