{Neko Hetalia X Reader 2} Gone

{Neko Hetalia X Reader 2} Gone

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Hedgehog Mom By AngelinaSmith590 Completed


When _____ mysteriously goes missing without leaving a trace, it's up to the 1ps and 2ps to work together and save the girl they all love! And Scotland and the Nordics know a lot more than everybody else?! 

Can they work together, or will they just end up fighting and getting nowhere? And with _____'s life on the line too?!

And who took _____?

Can they get to her before it's too late?

Reasons to read this book: 
• its (mostly) historically accurate
• You're in it! 
• kissing, hugging, blushing, SEXY SPAIN! 

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😂 oh god Allen think before you speak! That sounded so wrong!
Mask_Child Mask_Child Aug 07
                              I think you mean a billion times 
                              You do remember how much I was kidnapped, right?
My birthday was yesterday, if anyone actually cares ....
                              (I don't)
Ok I am SO sure Alfred wouldn't be excited about the fact that my birthday is 9/11. Anyone agree?
Everyone is worrying about giving France a key...WE GAVE PRUSSIA A KEY!
I swear something or someone is stalking me....*looks at 2p japan*