My Bestfriend or My Lover

My Bestfriend or My Lover

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ashley By TheGoldenBuddha Updated Apr 07, 2015

In a place where Kings and Queens are alive,

Where Princes and Princess' do exist

Where things you see is not what you expected to happen,

Where your life will be a roller coster ride....

Where you can't hide who you are...

Where everything seems to be so unfair....

Who will you choose?

Your bestfriend or your lover?

My name is Bianca,

I'm thorn between two roses...

I don't know who will I choose...

They're both too important for me to choose...

I can't loose the other one...

But I can't have them both....

Why is it so unfair?

Can't I just have them both?

Can't I just keep them both...

I need them both...

I love them both...

They're both too important to me...

But I need to choose...

But who will I choose?

If the world you just entered is not what you expected,

And you're in between a war...

What will you do?

Will you just choose to walk away?

Will you just choose to take one side?

Will you do what is right?

Will you do what is wrong?

Will you follow the ru...

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