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the devils kitten (sebastian x reader)

the devils kitten (sebastian x reader)

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Kasumi10120 By Kasumi10120 Updated Dec 12, 2015

(Y/N) has come from a rich family. (Y/N) goes out with her butler and mother for a day of shopping a horrible surprise happens. 
A butler named Sebastian sees (Y/N) and takes her back to the Phantomhive estate. how will things go for (Y/N)?

rabiyanurcetin rabiyanurcetin Dec 25, 2016
The person I have in mind:....
                              Name: Fall
                              Age: 18
                              Birthday: 15th of April
                              Wolf/cat demon😏
                              Extra: very very long hair(black) red eyes 
                              Personality: can be coldhearted/kind/caring/can tease:)
Kawaii_kittyqween Kawaii_kittyqween Mar 10, 2016
name: Tia Valentine
                              age: 18
                              cat demon
                              personality: Happy and outgoing but if you hurt her family or friends.. let's just say, you won't see your family or friends
                              birthday: July 17th
strangelife1243 strangelife1243 Apr 07, 2016
What if someone said: "Ryuk.." I mean like, he IS a shinigami. Okay...I'm just gonna shut up
RebelHostage7225 RebelHostage7225 Dec 23, 2016
                              July second
                              CIEL PHAMTOMHIVE
                              Probably has something wrong with her very sarcastic and is a rebel angel aka doesn't believe in god but doesn't deal with da devil and goes by own rules. Bitch I'm fabulous.
                              Oh and WTF mom!?
CreeperCat3746 CreeperCat3746 Jun 03, 2016
T^T that was rude. And I don't have bed hair! Because I wear my hair in a ponytail when I sleep so it doesn't get messy!
Leonora_Lesso Leonora_Lesso Apr 11, 2016
IM A SNEK (If you watched Mekakucity Actors you'll understand)
                              IM A HALF SNAKE AND HALF DEMON.
                              MY NAME IS LEONORA LESSO
                              IM 14
                              NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY BDAY
                              MY PERSONALITY...
                              Im weird. <3