Phantom and Night (A Vampire Story: bxb)COMPLETE

Phantom and Night (A Vampire Story: bxb)COMPLETE

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Juliet By 7ShadesOfMe Completed

"Mamma. What's a mate?"

"Liam, honey. Where did you heard that?"

Five year old Liam said hugging a book half his size. He went to his mother's side with his hazel eyes sparkling with curiousity.

"I read it here." He said hugging the book tighter. His mom just smiled lovingly at him.

"Honey.." His mom called and carried him to her lap.

"Mate's don't exist anymore."

"I know, but what are them?"

"Well.. Mate's are the people who were destined for you. They will the person you love with all you're being. You'll feel their pain, sadness but that's good too because you can also feel their joy.. their love. Your mate will be the most important one in your heart. In your life. You'll end up not getting enough. You'll end up being overly possesive but that's good too. You need to protect someone you cared for. He/she will be your soulmate."

Liam end up just speechless. His mom knows that her intelligent son understood her. That's why she smiled at her son's amazement filled eyes.

"I'll find my mate momma!"
She laughed at his enthusiastic reply.

"Liam, honey. Mate's don't exist anymore. I'm sorry."

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Tutugaming11 Tutugaming11 May 08, 2017
Sorry if this sounds rude but the first sentence "Why did he 'took' me in?" Isn't proper grammar again I'm sorry if it sounds rude.
mylife2112 mylife2112 Mar 22, 2017
Who just lets some random person they only just met undress them
ryuuketsu_no_fuyu ryuuketsu_no_fuyu Jul 28, 2017
Yes! Finally found this book, I was reading it before suddenly it got deleted. I forgot the title but now yay! Found it!
Corpsemoon Corpsemoon Dec 29, 2016
I remembered I used to call my Crush 'warren' so that my friends don't know who he is
KawaiiKumaGirl KawaiiKumaGirl Aug 29, 2015
LOL I thought the main character was going to look like Len Kagamine when I saw the pic XD
7ShadesOfMe 7ShadesOfMe Aug 31, 2014
Thank you for reading. :3 I love Vampire Knights so I used Kaname as my Character. :)) ^3^