2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surprise

2p!Hetalia x Reader; Surprise

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Ms.Cupcake and Alice By NyoEngland Updated Jun 15, 2016

You look out your peephole of your door to see that no one was there. You look down to see a small (F/C) cupcake on the ground. 

You slowly pick the cupcake up and from reading all the Oliver fanfictions you KNOW your not going to eat it. You examine the cupcake and see a small note on the back.

'Hello poppet~! I made you a cupcake for that fever you had earlier this week! I hope your better!'

Now THAT was wierd. Later that night you go to sleep leaving the cupcake on the counter. You drift off into sleep and when you wake up,

Man, were you in for a suprise!

Dramaqueen2905 Dramaqueen2905 7 days ago
Um packs bags and runs moves knock knock well f u c k they found me and another cupcake spy runs f u c k this s h i t
Zanesa_Fullbuster Zanesa_Fullbuster Sep 23, 2016
Don't eat the God damn cupcake me! Also, don't touch the  baseball bat, cig's, hockey stick, or polar bear.
_Knight_Of_Void_ _Knight_Of_Void_ Jun 07, 2016
♪They never saw us comming 
                              Till they hit the floor
                              They just keep begging For 
                              Moré Moré 
                              Al dress up For a 
                              Hit and Runs♪
MadAlice6666 MadAlice6666 Mar 27, 2016
Black, white and red cupcake!!!!!!!!!! Black for my soul! White because it's easy to see blood on! Red obviously for blood!
No_one_gives_a_care No_one_gives_a_care Jul 03, 2016
.. Why is there a galaxy cupcake on the ground and to be for real... I'd eat knowing myself
Fallen_Nightstar Fallen_Nightstar Jul 10, 2016
Oh, a cupcake just sitting on the floor. Nothing wrong with that