Heal [a Zarry story]

Heal [a Zarry story]

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"Because you're a social worker. You jerk people's feelings to the surface, and pick at them and pick at them until that person has nothing left. They're broken and alone. Then you fill them to their skulls with pills, saying now they can go about their normal lives, and that they're healthy. Nothing but lies." 

"It's one of those things that's....dangerous yet alluring. Awful yet lustful." 

His eyes said so much more than he did. In his eyes, I didn't see the same man I saw at a glance. This man was emotionally damaged, and so, so sad.

{*CAUTION*:Story contains BOYXBOY and other things of that nature, BAD LANGUAGE, as well as SUICIDAL references, actions, and VIOLENCE.} 
{*HALT*:Story also contains a decent amount of LARRY along with ZARRY} 
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Lazy_Helen Lazy_Helen Dec 30, 2017
this makes me so sad ): 
                              He’s gonna take some time to get used to being happy again
Purest_Form Purest_Form Oct 23, 2017
Literally EVERYONE when i ask someone to open something for me
Lazy_Helen Lazy_Helen Dec 30, 2017
All that time you could’ve just washed the dishes and been done