Offering (Book 1)

Offering (Book 1)

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Olivia and her family invited an elderly employee into their home Christmas Eve, 1908, and their act of kindness was repaid with a brutal bloodbath.  Slaughtered by a Master Vampire and abandoned in the cellar, Olivia and her children were left with a final parting kiss of immortality.  Emerging from their hole, they discovered nearly everything they thought they knew about the curse was incorrect.  Now, a century later, never having crossed paths with another vampire, they have learned to handle their needs without causing harm, and live among us in our mortal world.  

A sexy, romantic, urban fantasy written for New Adults (college age).  

This novel is unique in that it can be read in one of two ways.  If you are looking for a love story, read Secrets (Offering Prologue) first. If you're looking for a vampire story full of action and intrigue, begin on the first page of this book.

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Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 Nov 02, 2016
I loved Secrets and this was always on my list to read. I'm glad I finally got round to it. I've always been a werewolf kind of girl but lately I find myself surrounded by alluring vampires, lol!!
Pinkforest1 Pinkforest1 Nov 02, 2016
That was intense!! This wasn't a random killing for blood, Erdo had this planned but why Sam's family? Must read on and find out.....
Balarley Balarley Feb 25, 2017
So, should I just buy it on Amazon? What chunk is missing, mid end? I'm just curious if I'm going to miss something and get confused before I realize it's the part that was pulled
Mama_G Mama_G Aug 19, 2016
This would totally be me!!!
                              Run after or stab him in his eyeballs afterwards
PrincessEliaMartin PrincessEliaMartin Jul 06, 2016
Oh my god, that's shocking, but it sounds like something my vampire guy, Lake, would probably do.
wolves_luver101 wolves_luver101 Jun 22, 2016
Omg how horrible I knew him banging home that man could be trouble