The "Big Pretty Girl" (Urban)

The "Big Pretty Girl" (Urban)

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Uncle Jim gave all of us a hug. When he got to me, his hug was extra long and i felt him grab my butt. It made me want to back away. He wouldn't let me go until his manhood got hard. That's when he backed away. 

Curt whispered in my ear "I seen that."

I looked at him and he looked so upset. I whispered back "Yea, i felt violated."

Uncle Jim let us in his house and we sat down in his living room. Jim and my dad was on one couch, My mom and Lawrence was on one couch, and Curt and i was on another.

"This is a nice little visit." My uncle Jim started. "What's been going on?"

Everybody tried to answer at once until Lawrence said something louder than all of us. 

"Bruh, don't play foolish. We know you f*cked my sister. You and your friends."

Jim's mouth dropped. He looked at me and shook his head.

"So what? I did your sister. And i'd do her again if i wanted."