Ereri- merman (Eren x Levi fanfiction)

Ereri- merman (Eren x Levi fanfiction)

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Levixheichou By Levixheichou Updated Jun 28, 2015

Levi never wanted to be dragged out on that damn motor boat. It just sort of happened. 
 And when he feels eyes watching him, suspicion grows over as he awaits Hanjis return. 
Before they knew it, they were engaging in conversation with a merman named Eren. 
But when Hanji decides to take Eren back to the lab for experiments, what will happen?

Basically an mermaid AU with action and fluff moments
I do not own attack on titan, I'm just borrowing the characters~~~

 So if you want to know what happens to our beloved Eren and Levi, I suggest you start reading~~~~
sequel coming out november 7th

*boat suddenly stops* 
                              *a clownfish suddenly appears from the surface* HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON 0-o
Lever???...ya know wat from now on I'm gunna call Levi lever
I love how all of the comments in the section above this were like lol lever pffff but then it's like oh you ment to do that
                              BELIEVING WELCOMR TO THE FEELIINNGGGGG
Levi: Hey, I already know you,
                                       And you're batshit crazy.
                                       My name is Levi,
                                       Don't call me Lever😠
                               I'm re-reading this and why didn't I do this before?
Okay, if you say so. *is a luxury cruise boat* 
                              Levi: WAIT I WANNA GO ON IT NOW— 
                              Too late motherfûcker!