The Angel That Stole My Heart

The Angel That Stole My Heart

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Astrid lived a life full of struggles while her dad and brother were in Arizona her mother worked hard to earn money to feed and pay for Astrid's school fees. 

While Hiccup lived a life full of luxury, his mother was in a coma for 20 years and his father couldn't let go of her and kept her alive with machines for 20 years until she woke up.

Astrids life turns upside down when her mother dies and is left alone with her father and brother in Arizona, she was left alone in the world. Working as a model to show off dresses in a small shop she meets hiccup and her life begins to have meaning again.

What happens when th
ey both begin to have feelings for each other but Astrid is too afraid of being left heart broken and tries to hide her feelings for Hiccup. 

what happens when on one of her shows Hiccup goes and sees her. 

what will happen between these two? Read to find out. Modern AU

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TidalFireDragon TidalFireDragon Apr 29, 2017
I've Never met someone quite like him
                              *note the british accent* :-P
deangirl17 deangirl17 May 10, 2016
That's what stoick said to hiccup you jusrmt featured to all of me
Ceceluvishot Ceceluvishot Jun 30, 2016
Seriously he just had to blurt that out typicall hiccup😂😁😃
snow302 snow302 Aug 08, 2014
@2thless also ur bio has me in it i like it and i might give u sneek peaks too
snow302 snow302 Aug 08, 2014
@awsome262338 sorry when i type fast sometimes i type the wrong thing
awsome262338 awsome262338 Aug 08, 2014
yes one question I thought honey is spelled with a o not a i