Seducing Natsu Dragneel Natsu x Lucy Lemon!

Seducing Natsu Dragneel Natsu x Lucy Lemon!

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When Lucy rolled over that morning, she expected to be greeted by the warmth of her boyfriend's arms. She expected him to kiss her forehead and whisper sweet nothings to her. None of the above happened.

When she rolled over, her face immediately became squashed between Natsu's arm, and his armpit. She gagged, struggling away from him, tumbling off the bed. Lucy landed on the floor in a heap, swallowing fresh air, rubbing her face.

Natsu yawned, forcing himself up, "Luce? What's happening?"

"You idiot!" Lucy exclaimed, throwing a pen that had fallen off the table at him. "You grabbed me and forced my face against your arm pit!" Natsu burst out laughing.

"That's awesome!" Natsu roared with laughter. He was awake now. Lucy got to her feet, pouting, narrowing her eyes at him.

Crossing her arms, she spoke, "Natsu, you have the brain capacity of a nat." She adored her boyfriend, she really did, but sometimes he could really get on her nerves.

"What's a nat?" Natsu asks, seriously. Lucy...

Why is natsu so stupid but when it comes to fighting he's smart
Esmee_Dragneel Esmee_Dragneel Jul 19, 2015