A Queens Beginning [Zanobia Book 3]

A Queens Beginning [Zanobia Book 3]

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Zanobia, finds it hard to balance love, work and motherhood. Raising three kids on her own isn't easy especially with little money. After being hurt both of her children's father she starts to live for herself.

She realizes love hasn't gotten her anything but a broken heart. After her boyfriend cheated she no longer believes in love. When she meets Brandon he shows her there's more to life.
I don't want any one to feel sympathetic for me, I got fucked over. I got played but at the end of the day I'm still standing. This is my time to shine, my time to love my life and be the best that I can be at everything I do. You either hate me, for being me or you love me for being something I'm not.

Just know I'd rather you hate me, because I'll never become something I'm not to please other motherfuckers. So do me a favor and stop feeling bad for me, I'll be just fine. Make room, because a Queen has been born. <3

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I_Cunnot I_Cunnot Sep 15, 2017
Ain't nothing to be ashamed of either. Girl that's a blessing.
ChaniyahTheCreator ChaniyahTheCreator Feb 15, 2016
that's the same thing my baby cousin does when he has chocolate milk
Beautybella3 Beautybella3 Dec 01, 2016
Or they pitch you before you go in the store. Have you ever had a pitch whipping?
shaneqwa shaneqwa Oct 30, 2016
Her name is cute..in a way I dont see why she don't want to move to where he is at, something fresh and new, no drama
MakeupxJunkie MakeupxJunkie Apr 23, 2015
@its_whateverr @ThatsLegend Kidd's name is Salaam, which is why she named her Saniyah. The E thing wasn't really planned just names I thought of.
its_whateverr its_whateverr Mar 14, 2015
Aww I wish she carried on with her children's names beginning with E