The Wolf's Willow: Chapter One

The Wolf's Willow: Chapter One

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Zee had never been one to believe in knights, shining armor or otherwise, but then, at seventeen, she met  Niko Lochlann, the  nineteen year old Therian shapeshifter who made her own wolf want to  sit up and beg...or do other things.

Niko charmed her, courted her, promised to love her for always, then abruptly, cast her aside and threw her out of his territorial lands the very day he'd asked her to marry him. Now, ten years later, she's an outcast, living  secluded away from her family and the pack that would have been her own when she gets word her father is dying. But there isn't much she can do--or even much she wants to do. After all, it was her father who played part in the deception that had Niko turning away from her.

Braced for the worst, Niko waits for news about the woman who had lied to him, betrayed him, broke his heart as he waits at her father's side so the man doesn't die alone.  He expects to hear she'll be coming to North Carolina with her mate, or a lover, at the very least.

But the news that comes isn't what he thought he'd hear and when he finally gets answers,  he learns that everything he was told a decade ago had been wrong...and he threw away the love of his life over lies. And she's been being punished for it ever since. 

Now he has to find her, find a way to mend a heart he'd damaged...and convince her to give him one more chance.