How I Met You

How I Met You

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dani By modernism Updated Dec 26, 2015


          It all started with that three lettered word in a mysterious text from an unknown Californian  number―hey.

          Alex Turner is your average seventeen―almost eighteen―year old girl. She's been through the normal teenage girl drama, like every other girl her age. She never thought she would be the same after her ex shattered her heart, but she finds herself being stronger than she imagined, and pulled through what the world had to throw at her. Though she thought fate hated her, Alex was surprised when she received that three lettered text one day, along with the drama that came with it. What she didn't know, is that that simple greeting would open so many new doors.

            Jake Carter was the guy for her, and fate decided that when he first sent her that text message.   

* * *  
This used to say "Based On A True Story," but I took it down because I'm sick of explaining that only the idea how Jake and Alex meet is true. Some other stuff might be true, but that's mainly it. :) And it didn't happen to me, but my friend :P         

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(which means steal or I will come to your house and gouge your eyes out with a rusty spoon)

    true story: my first word was pussy because at the time i was obsessed with the story puss in boots
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    Did the same thing with my science project lol never doing that again fell asleep in math the next morning
    The first chapter was so well written and then this chapter just feels off.
    There Goes The Fourth Wall!
                                  Btw, I am lonely, anyone wanna be my friend? *Gives Everyone Puppy Dog Eye* PLEASE??
    I would have blocked their ass straight up ain't nobody got time for unknown numbers 😂😂
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    Whenever I dont want people to see the screen of my iPhone i just turn my brightness down