New Girl

New Girl

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Aubree Jones is a girl from Brooklyn New York, When her parents decide to move to NOLA (New Orleans) for better pay aburee is forced to start over with a new school,new friends etc. 

August Alsina on the other hand was born and raised in NOLA. His mind is set on taking care of his mom and nieces . August is also a drug lord and doesn't care  for relationships. When lost his brother his whole world changed.

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I know rite it's hard watching everybody pack and stuff and you just be bored nah jk but moving is worsome
Imma just throw all my clothes in boxes like "😐 aye gotta do what you gotta do"
That sure see girl if you don't like it then you crazy ass hell
That's how used to pack I say used to cause they don't let me pack anymore because made I took a box and threw and the glass dishes in a box
OGsus_ OGsus_ May 26, 2016
Don't do my city like dat na 😒 pop yo ass through dis book