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Save Me from Myself [ UsUk/ UkUs ]

Save Me from Myself [ UsUk/ UkUs ]

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AnimeWorld5640 By AnimeWorld5640 Completed

"Magic can be unpredictable. Especially when your dealing with a curse." Arthur said while unlocking the trap door. "There is no telling what could happen. You could lose your wings.... or worse." There was a click and Arthur placed the key in his pocket. He stood up and stared into Alfred's sapphire blue eyes. "You still have a chance to go back. Once we enter this room, you could be dragged into the darkness along with me." Arthur explained, hoping Alfred would change his mind. Alfred smiled and put his hands on Arthur's shoulders, "If it means that I get to be your hero, then that's all that matters to me."

i hate the cold 
                              cold can kiss my ass 
                              on second thought just stay away from me altogether cold 
                              i don't like you cold
AndyPioneer AndyPioneer Mar 29
*Has literally had a left over burger with coffee once for breakfast* .... I can relate.
AndyPioneer AndyPioneer Mar 29
.... Imma start calling Earl Gray Tea. Earl Gay Tea.
                              Because I see a pattern with that tea, even in real life.
AndyPioneer AndyPioneer Mar 29
No one on the face of this planet ever greets a total stranger with a full name greeting AND arrogance.
                              It's one or the other. Not both, silly.
AndyPioneer AndyPioneer Mar 29
I love the cold.
                              Winter fashion is the best.
                              Hot drinks.
sooooooooo wings 
                              OOH CAN YOU FLY?!?!?!?
                              okay stupid question i know it makes me look stupid and ignorent but i jsut wan't to know if they work or are just decoration