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My possessive Alpha mate

My possessive Alpha mate

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Bitch, I'm rare. By cath3005 Updated Mar 13

Silver has a sad story, her family was killed when she was only four years old, they where killed because her dad was an evil alpha and his pack killed every pack in their way for the power. 

Silver was going to get killed the day her family died. But the alphas son, Kayden didn't let anyone hurt his mate. She doesn't know they're mates because he almost attacked a guy for just hugging his mate, he is very protective and possessive over the things love. So he and the adults in the pack agreed to protect and make sure she got what she wanted if he left until she was sixteen. This was when he was eighteen and she only twelve. But now she's sixteen and Kayden is coming back.

#240 in werewolf

This book is not in 3 person POV, only the prolog. Please comment and vote.

polkadot7557 polkadot7557 Jan 30, 2016
She fell down from the tree, and suddenly wants to watch The Lion King?
polkadot7557 polkadot7557 Jan 30, 2016
Oh shíttt, she blunt af, is she trying to get her friends killed or something
PotaCorn PotaCorn Feb 09, 2016
I can tell you're a blunt person
                              You're not the type that when asked 
                              "Hey do I look good?"
                              You'll respond with
                              "I think you should change the make up a little
                              No you seem like the type that'll say
                              "Shriek called he wants his face back
Awesome cast list and love it so far, can't wait to see what happens next
sammiecool123 sammiecool123 Jan 16, 2016
Bff: what happened to the alive and healthy chicken?
                              Me: I killed it and then cooked it then ate it
                              Bff: dude how the fudge can you say that everyday?
                              Me: I probably do that everyday
sammiecool123 sammiecool123 Jan 16, 2016
The doctor was daydreaming
                              I know that the doctor was daydreaming