Becoming His

Becoming His

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Albany Walker By Reader-Writing Updated Aug 08, 2014

Fully edited book will be available for purchase through Kindle Unlimited and paperback from Amazon soon!!!!

I'll be posting a few teaser edited chapters here within a few days. Thanks for all your support. ❤️


Years have past since the night Sophia Brair encountered her Mate. The man she thought was her future walked away from her without an explanation. 

Before she has the courage to tell her parents of his rejection tragedy strIkes. Leaving her alone with far too many unanswered questions. 

Isolated from others of her kind she finds herself a wolf among sheep. Moving from one foster home to the next her transition into adulthood has been hard to say the least. Now at nineteen she ready for a new start in a new town. College seems like everything she could hope for. 

For years she's kept the secret of her true identity from everyone around her, how long will her anonymity last? 


It's been five years. 

Masen Black always planned on finding his Mate, just not when she was still a child. Walking away was the hardest thing he'd ever done. 

After three long years he returned to collect his Luna and her family only to find them gone without any trace. He's been searching ever since. 

When he finally finds her nothing will stop him from claiming what's his!

  • college
  • mate
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • warewolves
djdxan djdxan Apr 22, 2017
If he was at a pub he's probably at least 6 years older than her
e-ly-sian e-ly-sian Jan 22
She just dropped it like it’s the most natural thing 😂 no worries, happens to me everyday.
DreamyEyes DreamyEyes Jun 21, 2016
Just trying to help you out here, you wrote COLLAGE instead of COLLEGE  In your description
tickle-me-pink tickle-me-pink Feb 05, 2016
Very good so far! I'm definitely gonna keep reading........ I'm hooked!
TurnUpTheNoise TurnUpTheNoise Jul 04, 2016
I just don't know any hot guys with that long of hair. I like thor's shoulder length but after that it takes a very specific type of man to pull off the long hair without looking feminine
PeacefulMisery PeacefulMisery Nov 30, 2015
No biggie not like her mate left her and her parents died. Seems like a normal everyday occurrence to me