You Are Mine (Levi x Reader)

You Are Mine (Levi x Reader)

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AnI~Chan (for short) By AnImaginarylifE Updated Mar 15, 2015

You Are Mine
(Levi x reader)

Levi Ackerman, 'Humanity's Strongest' with a personality as cold as ice. What would happen when his intimidating personality changes around you? And would do anything for you to be his?

(horrible chapters will be fixed in the near future)
(This story has some chapters already edited, but some still aren't, so please dont get confused when other parts are good and other parts horrible. Thank you.)

That_one_person_671 That_one_person_671 Sep 25, 2016
They think I'm crazy 
                              My heartbeat goes up
                              Words that cannot explain my love for you
                              Did you get mysterious messag*slap* 
                              BTWS that was part of the lyrics to the opening to Mystic Messenger
BlueJay722 BlueJay722 Feb 05
XD Why are people writing their preferences of POV when they have no rule over it
XxThatPINKNekoxX XxThatPINKNekoxX Dec 21, 2016
When I fall I just laugh because that's just my personality and it's really funny
NishantHolmes NishantHolmes Dec 24, 2016
I can just imagine Levi with the pedo-bear mask on and 'I like little girls' playing
Utbinitrash Utbinitrash Jan 15
Of course Hanji was there. Why WOULDNT she be when someone has a crush?
ShiMichikoMizu ShiMichikoMizu Aug 29, 2016
Is it that easy to get a kiss from Levi??
                              *goes and injure my leg then realize he is not real while on the hospital bed