OXRO: Insubordination

OXRO: Insubordination

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AmethystAmber87 By AmethystAmber87 Updated 6 days ago

Reality feels like a distant memory and dreams seem more real. Things in Sutton's life don't seem to be right. Why does she seem more connected to the five strangers she just met than to her roommate and boyfriend she's known all her life?

Why does the name Asia claim her mind and why does her heartbeat steady whenever she's around the guy whose name she doesn't even know? 

She needs answers but there's a gnawing in her soul that tells her once she starts digging her world will come undone and won't be able to be pieced together again?

Is the truth worth the destruction that waits upon the horizon or is illusion better than reality?
Asia will have to decide before she no longer has a choice.