Hot and bothered (lesbian story)

Hot and bothered (lesbian story)

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Katharinatom By Katharinatom Updated Jan 31, 2017


I skipped down to the beach to meet my gals as they had already arrived. The beach party was everything I hoped it would be. But the only thing I didn't imagine was this much people. There were like a hundred half naked people here! Nice ! I whistled as a girl in a hot pink one piece sashayed past me. I ran my eyes from her rack to her tush. She was hot!

"Amy!", My irritatingly nosey friend reached me.

"What do you want Becks?" I asked, annoyed at her.

"Well Hello to you too." She replied haughtily and I rolled my eyes.

"Where are the others?" 

"Over there," She pointed at the large group at the shore, throwing some poor girl in the water. I chuckled and began heading there. Becks has already disappeared to god knows where. 

As soon as I reached there, an alluring, almost maddening scent hit me. It was the smell of fresh lilies and chocolate. Strange but intoxicating. I practically drooled over the smell untill my eyes met with a pair of leaf green ones. I heard my jaw ...

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Lindiuxi Lindiuxi Jun 17, 2015
Thanks for the story. I promise to read every update and enjoy it ;)
Lindiuxi Lindiuxi Jun 17, 2015
Lol I couldn't help but read that in my papas voice cause that's so him haha ^~^