Exo Tao: You are mine!

Exo Tao: You are mine!

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I was sold away by my parents because I born a girl.

 In our traditional family, girls are seen useless  while boys are much respected as they are able to continue the family name.   To cover up the disgrace of having a girl in the family, I was sold by my parents to an abandon village where human trafficking occur. Most girls are either sold as sex slaves,beggars or prostitutes. It was a scary place... But who would ever believe that I was saved by a man named Tao from a famous K-pop group EXO? 

Curious to find out more? Continue reading and find out this adventurous,melodrama fan-fiction yourself!

Disclaimer: I've took time to read some of ur comments! HAHAHA They are very creative and funny. I just hope that you will understand the meaning of Fan-Fiction. Its stories for Fans to read and imagine. I'm not trying to destroy Tao's image or so by writing such stories. I support him just the way you do.

So, just enjoy and explore better and crazier story around Wattpad! 

Happy Reading! :) 

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P.S: It's COMPLETED, I just them unpublished them as it would be better for me to update them. 
Do bear with me a little... I will finish it fast :)

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JungkookStoleJimin JungkookStoleJimin Sep 04, 2016
Good story but the parent shouldn't treat a girl like it a disgrace to have a girl like jeez and only giving attention to the boy
warrior110700 warrior110700 Aug 04, 2014
Great story!! Hope you continue to upload more.. Looking forward for the next one!!