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Trying To Hold On - Larry Stylinson (AU)

Trying To Hold On - Larry Stylinson (AU)

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Steve or Anon or whatever By Anonymous43 Completed

Harry Styles is being destroyed. Everyday, Zayn bullies him worse than the day before. It's not easy making it through school. But when a new student, Louis Tomlinson, starts taking care of Harry, emotions become evident. Why does Zayn hate Harry so much? As the Louis starts digging deeper, he figures out the heartbreak that occured. And worse, he discovers his own love for Harry. What will happen when love gets rough? Will they give up? Or will they try to hold on?

A Larry Stylinson fanfic.
Also includes some Ziam :)

Why is zayn always the bully :( and like why is liam the douche ¿?
ItxIsxWhatxItxIs ItxIsxWhatxItxIs Sep 09, 2016
I had to give this random kid a paper today but when I saw his eyes they were PRACTICLY CLEAR
Ashley1012414 Ashley1012414 Jul 06, 2016
Ok "boy from the locker room" sounds really shady to me. I could see a smut story called that tbh
maleigha_01 maleigha_01 Jan 07
I know I should be pissed at them right now but... Ziam? 😏
narrysbish narrysbish May 30, 2016
Liam¿ payne? No no no you must be mistaken. My angel would never do that.
o look the guy who defended his racist girlfriend is talking gtg remove my ears and eyes