Ebony Wings

Ebony Wings

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«Liv» By Liv710 Completed

Protecting her was duty.
Falling for her was forbidden.
Being with him was all that mattered.

When Ali Bliss makes the decision to board at her new college, she can practically taste the freedom. On a mission to build a future and find herself in the world, it turns out that fate plays a bigger role than first expected. 

Lost in the world of a superior race, she not only realises she plays a critical part in the big scheme of things, but can't help but falling like a ton of bricks for the forbidden man - the man with the Ebony Wings.

Read on to find out who 'Ebony Wings' is here.

(NB: This is a completed standalone novel)

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MaliceAlina MaliceAlina Sep 03, 2017
@Liv710 Omg...I LOVE this opening! I'm really excited to read the rest. :)
shambhavithakur102 shambhavithakur102 Nov 30, 2017
A good start..intrigued to read further n hope each chapter gets better than the previous one..
MizukiHonda MizukiHonda Aug 15, 2017
your writing style is so beautiful!!!!!!!! tbh I only read books if their writing style is awesome.
MillyMoon38 MillyMoon38 Apr 25, 2016
I'd believe in it.... Though I don't have an inner voice... which means that I don't have a gaurdian angle...
raiinbowmalum raiinbowmalum Apr 30, 2016
I don't like in England's 'the country', but I do live in USA's, and an hour drive isn't much. even a four hour drive would be considered short
Liv710 Liv710 Nov 14, 2014
It's called day dreaming @CountryMe99 something I do way too much of;)