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Ash FireSong By Sculpter Updated Aug 10, 2016

If anyone wants to make a cover for me I'll dedicate a chapter to you.
Love ya'll.

A new gang comes to waterhall town, and they are here to stay. Dealing guns and bringing protection to those who pay them. These guys are stong powerful and drop dead gorgouse. They are also not on any book or record. They do not exhist on the internet before five years ago. The presedent and v-presedent are both to hot for their own good and way to demanding.

Maybe they need a woman to keep them and the gang in line. Who can deal with shit and dish it out equaly to each member of the club. Who isn't a whore but isn't a biggit. Who doesn't faint and blood or runs with her kids if she sees a gun on a table.

Strong, Sexy, Determined, Woman...

No such thing, acording to the two leaders.......that is until they moved into HER town.

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staciacute152 staciacute152 Aug 23, 2016
Ummm dude how you gone just put us in the story HELL am I a boy or girl. Use dialogue next time 😒😒
thelastfemaleuchiha thelastfemaleuchiha Apr 12, 2016
Dude I hope this is a good story. I've read amazing intros and the story sucks. So fingers crossed that this will be my new favorite book.
blueeyes890 blueeyes890 Dec 28, 2015
I love that she has kids becuase moms can have the most guts, because when you become a mom you generally turn into a mama bear