My Blind Love For The Alpha

My Blind Love For The Alpha

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"I told you how the last thing I saw was my parents. The people I loved but had lost. Like that image would forever be burnt into my mind because I can't see anything else past that. But, I realised, that if I could choose one thing, in the whole wide world, to see just for a second.... I would choose you. There is nothing I want more than to see your face, your smile, your eyes, your nose, your hair. I don't know how I can live knowing that I won't ever get to see you when you're right in front of me. I'm blinded beyond repair." I sob.

Kyle pulls me close, rubbing my back softly as he let's me cry. I know crying is useless, and childish and weak but it is all I can do. It's all I can do to stay sane in the void of darkness that holds me hostage.

"We are going to have days when we aren't going to want to get out of bed. Or when, we're going to need to just breakdown and let our emotions out. But there are going to be good days. Days when we laugh and laugh, and smile at the stupid things we enjoy. Life get's better, Gemma. Life will always get better."

I laugh as more tears escape my eyes. The irony of the situation making me laugh and cry and want to scream at the same time.

Join Gemma on a journey where she finds out that she's been protected by lies. A journey filled with betrayal, new friends, love and Werewolves.

A story where the main girl is blind, stuck in the darkness forever. But that won't stop her from finding the light in her life. And it comes in the form of Kyle Taylor.

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tanyared1980 tanyared1980 Dec 08, 2017
I mean she could have said that before she got all personal..
OneBrokenPhone OneBrokenPhone Aug 26, 2017
Hmm most times u will think of it as a curse if you know wut I mean :3 d0 1t
MiriamChPette MiriamChPette Dec 26, 2017
What's up with these people they just met them today and they bring them everywhere!
actuallyluke actuallyluke Jul 12, 2016
you know that feeling when you're face and chest get really hot? IDK what it means but im feeling it right now
TheBrightestOfBlues TheBrightestOfBlues Jan 14, 2017
Eh. She's not a queen. More like an... a... a Lady. Lady Perry
Wowiex Wowiex Jul 27, 2016
Basically Isabelle Adair at my school. She started this year and now EVERYONE LOVES HER! She's nice-ish