Silent Truths, Loud Lies ((Finished))

Silent Truths, Loud Lies ((Finished))

3.3K Reads 55 Votes 12 Part Story
Wendy By Ephemerrealityy Completed


The life Renata Dorean lives is one with a constant lie following her everywhere she goes. Everyone knows it as the truth and avoids her because of it. Even she herself. But when the new school year starts out and Alonso De La Cruz enters the eighth grade with her, things start going a little different than what Jake had planned. 

Then a car-crash hits and Renata's left with amnesia and nothing but lies that she knows for what they are. But finding one truth within a thousand lies isn't easy.

  • accident
  • alonso
  • amnesia
  • asleep
  • ass
  • attitude
  • bathroom
  • bürger
  • car
  • cast
  • catherine
  • cathy
  • chicago
  • cry
  • dodgeball
  • dream
  • drunk
  • fight
  • force
  • gym
  • hold
  • hurt
  • jake
  • janelle
  • killed
  • king
  • kiss
  • mom
  • nurse
  • pacer
  • pain
  • party
  • renata
  • run
  • school
  • slap
  • story
  • teacher
  • tear
  • tears
  • train
  • wall
  • wontstay
mami-kouga mami-kouga Aug 20, 2015
This book is pretty good. you have a great writing style and the suspense at the beginning is awesome!
someone123 someone123 Jul 07, 2010
Damn. I should've become your fan and started reading your stuff a LONG time ago.
someone123 someone123 Jul 07, 2010
nice manga cover!! XD had to fan you so I could read this!! XD Choosing to read this instead of Cantarella since that one's on hold. O.O Delphine looks like Kate Bosworth and Mandy Moore put together!!
oiram13 oiram13 Jun 23, 2010
I love the cover..
                              its awesome..!
                              gonna go to the next
                              if you got a time pls visit my stories too..
                              There are two:
                              INTENTIONS: MONEY AND LUST which is a love story...
                              INTENTIONS: FIGHT AND CONQUER which has a genre of fantasy..
                              so enjoy..