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I Might Be (Boyxboy)

I Might Be (Boyxboy)

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Hugs and Punches By MeltedCandy Updated 5 days ago

I was fine being alone. Heck, I welcomed it! I rather spend a day with my comic books than to actually have a real conversation with someone and I was okay with that. It was my normal self until Zack Ladera had to go and bump things up! The guy can't let me be, and I wasn't sure what he was doing to me but he needed to stop. I had enough problems with myself without him messing with my mind. I was Tyler Hogwagon, darn it! 
  And I was confused...
  This will be  boyxboy story so if you're not into that and/or against that, then this isn't the book for you. Some scenes may be too mature for 17-13 year olds and younger so reader discretion is advised. 

BonniHart BonniHart Mar 14
Dude, the worlds not black and white. There's a lot more than you like girls or you don't
Queennaire Queennaire Mar 15
"Pulled out" 😏🙄😏🙄😏🙄😏🙄 
                              I can't with this dirty mind
"French kiss" 😂. That,I believe, sir is a fancy word for making out.
MeltedCandy MeltedCandy Mar 04
-_- literally, everyone can have their opinions but I was just showing how irrational Tyler was because of his feelings, but he's not the guy to ever call a girl that aloud
Was that "not my type" comment supposed to tell our little main character here that the guy is gay? Cause I don't think he's catching on...
I wish I could just randomly kiss someone and make them gay that would be great