Pulled In (3)

Pulled In (3)

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Lyss ☽ By itsmyjam Updated Jun 19

☆ symphony harris has just graduated after two years at a university her parents chose for her. feeling annoyed with her parents' suffocating nature and controlling attitudes, she leaves their home determined to live her own life free of all pressure and obligation. 

by chance she finds what seems to be the perfect job. an assistant to an assistant? sounds easy enough. but when she finally meets the man who signs her paychecks, she's in for a shock. 

jared is a business tycoon who took over his father's company at a young age, brought it up from a place of near bankruptcy, and lost his own dreams in the process. 

in symphony's eyes, jared is a heartless man with a calculator for a brain. to jared, symphony is a spoiled and entitled child whom he was kind enough to hire. but, as time passes, is becomes apparent that quick judgment only gets you a whole lot of arguments and even more confusion. ☆ 

(the third installment to my "in" series)

praise for "pulled in"!

"Can I just say that I love your work! I read the first two books in 2 days and I'm so excited to see how Syms story pans out! It's so rare to find such wholesome, well written stories on wattpad. I really hope that you publish something one day!!" - oreolovver2000