~Sparks~ (1) {SLOW UPDATES}

~Sparks~ (1) {SLOW UPDATES}

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Molly Lubinsky By MarshMolly Updated Jan 13, 2015

"Thunder May be loud, thunder may be scary, but tis' the lightning that does all the work."

                    -Mark Twain

Meet Rosella Birch. An ordinary, plain, normal in every way she-wolf. She's smart, sweet, and isn't as normal as she thinks.

When she meets her mate, she is transformed into a completely different person. A wolf, made of pure energy. She is, the electric wolf.

Over 300 years ago, when the hunters were created to keep the rogues in line, one stepped out of place and started killing all werewolves.

It was not his place to do so, so the council of Elder Mythical Beings, exterminated him from ever existing.

His fellow hunters, thought it was wrong he was killed. So in return, they to went out of line and started killing the innocent.

So the council of elders prophesied, that one day, four wolves, would be created from the elements to exterminate the hunters for good, in the final war.

Who will win, and who will loose?

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MarshMolly MarshMolly Sep 28, 2014
@Azzylynn  this reminds me of the story in our reading book last year. remember 'My papa, Mark Twain'?