Falling For Mr. Shy[ON HOLD]

Falling For Mr. Shy[ON HOLD]

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HIATUS By GalacticUsername_ Updated Dec 28, 2015

"Who are you!" I asked, beginning to panic. "And why am I in your room!"

"Calm down, please. I didn't rape you or anything." He quickly said, a blush creeping up his cheeks. "Oh, and I'm uh-Aiden Sanders." He murmured.

Christina Jones A.K.A Chrissy, is a sarcastic, troublemaking, slightly shy girl. She isn't popular but has two friends. She meets Aiden Sanders, a antisocial, innocent, shy boy who gets bullied and has no friends.

What will happen when they begin to hang out with each other? Will they remain just friends or will she start Falling For Mr. Shy?

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Cover credit: _LittleMissSarcastic

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Champagne_jn Champagne_jn Nov 02, 2015
Uhuh dat ain't right FR!! but #ShortPeopleThugLife tho lol cuz I'm 16 and 5'3
DuuudeChill DuuudeChill Jul 24, 2015
 #shortpeopleproblems  #metoo 
                              (I don't normally use hash tags don't hate me.)
Like it so far! The guy that was bullied, needs some chocolate. 
butter-fly09 butter-fly09 Oct 12, 2014
It seems like a great book so far ...so no need to be unsure about it......  :-)
slamajama5 slamajama5 Aug 19, 2014
I have a question is this guy "fat" as in bigger or as in more muscle? No hate just saying cause some people might freak it's just a question.
MariannaBae MariannaBae Aug 15, 2014
I am loving the cover. That is the best cover you've ever made. (Out of all your stories)