Stupid Hybrid Ziall ( Kitty Niall)

Stupid Hybrid Ziall ( Kitty Niall)

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Larry's Gurl By harrysgurlyy Updated Oct 13, 2016


The woman put me in the back seat of her car and closed the door. I wonder were she's taking me ?

I hope my new owner is nice. My last owner had kids and they were not nice. 

When we arrived she took me inside and called someone down. "Zayn come down here." "coming." Then a boy with jet black hair came down the stairs. "Mum w-what is that?" "Your hybrid Niall" "HYBRID!" "Yea and you have to keep him." and with that she left me with him. Zayn scoffed and walked up stairs. I followed him to his room. He sat on his bed and I sat in front of him on the floor. " Why did my mom give me a stupid hybrid. And don't expect me to like you cos' I hate hybrids." he said getting up and slapping me in my face. Well I hope this doesn't get any worse.

Narry_ZiallGold Narry_ZiallGold Dec 14, 2015
Ur copying this story arnt you,im srry if that came odd as rude nun the less good job i like it