Its A Family Thing.. *Being Edited* (Boyxboyxboy) (Incest)

Its A Family Thing.. *Being Edited* (Boyxboyxboy) (Incest)

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Liyah By xAlternativeTwistx Completed


The two brothers Jamie and Alex have been in-love for over three years and still as happy as can be but one thing they've neglected to pay attention too, is their brother's  feelings and all his many secrets. Their brother Jessie, has been hiding something for many years, something that bothers him everyday.  He's getting tired of hiding, tired of trying and tired of feeling alone. Will Alex and Jamie save him and accept his feelings or will it be to late and end up with a deadly result. 

(Sorry for the sucky description :( boyxboyxboy incest love story meaning brothers will love brothers and boys will love boys. If you don't like it. Don't read it.)

maurrissac maurrissac May 01
Yessss I'm ready for the ass slayin just say the word.. Boyxboy is hottt a whoever says its not get ready I'm coming
oh no i have a tendency to upset people maybe i wont comment. but like just so u know im here and reading ur story k bye
I have nothing against this I really can't I'm in love with my cousin and she's blood related to me and we're together so yeah
lol I read this and was like "haven't I read this before" and then I realized I read another one of your stories which was pretty good so I'm excit s
I'm already loving you in how much you care about us readers so for everyone who reads your books on their behalf I say thanks chu
i-am-me-LOL i-am-me-LOL Nov 28
I don't see why incest & twincest is illegal it's adorable lol