First Shift

First Shift

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Kye is a 15 year old werewolf and part of the Night Shade pack. When her birthday comes so will her first shift into her wolf form, and pack law states she must be on the pack's land when that happens. Now she has to pick up and leave the only life she has ever truly known. Her father is in the military in the Night Raiders unit, and won't be returning home with her. This leaves Kye alone as she tries to find her place in the pack with not even her memories to help her. The accident that killed Kye's mother also stole Kye's memories leaving her past a mystery. 

Kye comes from a family of mainly Omega wolves, submissive wolves, so that's how she is treated by pack mates which is starting to seriously piss her off. Worse still is the Alpha heir, Andrea who acts like she's already in charge and seems to have it out for Kye.

When humans in the next town over start getting brutally murdered they blame the pack, but it is not a wolf behind the murders and it's not just hunting the humans.

justplaintired justplaintired Dec 04, 2016
Compound compound compound it's starting to sound like a cult.
justplaintired justplaintired Dec 04, 2016
A bus to take her to a school that is in a clearing that as you describe is about two football fields in size can the students not walk that far?
Batman_1999 Batman_1999 Jan 12
22 different states in 8 years.  I wouldn't even bother unpacking just leave all my stuff in suitcases
aliceofahummansacric aliceofahummansacric Oct 04, 2016
Nice plot! You use your words really well. Other than a few minor errors your story so far is really good!
Wow, you just like nose raped her. Is that even possible? 😂