Like Hell (Book #1)

Like Hell (Book #1)

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Maddie By madelinestanford Completed


What if you died, but the afterlife was nothing like you imagined? What if you found yourself warming up to Hell?

Alex Muir is dead, and discovering that everything she learned about the afterlife is a complete lie. 

After being forced into Hell on a traitorous mission by the Council of Heaven, things are looking bleak. But as the initial terror of living with the depraved “bottom-dwellers” wears off, the temptation and excitement of her new life kicks in. Alex finds herself falling for the sadistic pit fights, the decadent all-night parties, and – worst of all – Hell’s second-in-command, the infamous, gorgeous Flynn Cooper. 

With a new horde of questionable friends in tow, Hell is starting to seem a little less twisted. And the watchful gaze of the Heaven Council is weighing heavy on her shoulders.

A battle between Heaven and Hell is looming, and Alex is running out of time to uncover Hell’s mysteries. When she discovers that the people closest to her have been keeping devastating secrets, she has to make the ultimate decision.

Alex needs to pick a side. But she’s no longer sure which one is right – or if a right side exists at all.

astrodict- astrodict- Sep 20
 #FTR lol one of the books I've had in my library for ages but haven't read 😂
Is this the Cain in the bible that committed the first ever murder
Heaven is a lie, bet you half of the people there should be in hell or are just stupid, I would much rather go to hell because there I could learn independence and how to lie and keep secrets properly.
One last thing, sins make us unique from each other, so my conclusion is that all these people are robots with "hearts", and stupidity.
furlough furlough Sep 23
you know who is about to re-read the hell outta this book? its me. i love this book so much
And If I can't fall in love in heaven and have a family...them this isn't heaven, just a luxurious prison painted white.