Second Chances [On Hold]

Second Chances [On Hold]

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Angel By angellover254 Updated Jan 18, 2016

[on hold until late may due to school]

Skylar and Liam were inseparable. They did everything together. They were each other's first friend. First crush. First date. First kiss. First relationship. First Love. First time. And eventually they decided to tie the knot. 

Of course, not everything in life has a happy ending. And for these two, their fairytale ended when Liam suddenly decided to divorce Skylar two years later. 

But what happens when fate decides to step in and give these two another chance at love? Will their hatred for one another finally disappear, or will they forever be each other's first enemy?

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Humor: #54

Swirl_Love Swirl_Love Sep 20, 2016
Technically you didn't spell it out you said but OK...........
ItzJannine ItzJannine Apr 28, 2016
like was sooooo excited to read this story, and was so shocked like what the freak just happenend?
kfcchickenforever kfcchickenforever Jan 10, 2016
i hope she dosen't accept him back because it's basically like every story. 
                              guys breaks up with girl. 
                              realize mistake.
                              wants her.
                              fights for her.
                              she misses him and gets back together with him
MackenzieMalone22 MackenzieMalone22 Sep 09, 2015
omg that guy is ridiculous! and I have barley read anything and I'm already hooked!!!!!
chrys463 chrys463 Apr 10, 2015
This looks great. It somehow reminds me of a korean drama "emergency couple" :))
uniqueangel2331 uniqueangel2331 Jan 05, 2015
I feel as though I should cry for her..what a horrible thing to do