The Nerd Girl's A Fighter

The Nerd Girl's A Fighter

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zazu By xXKillerChillerXx Updated Dec 31, 2016

My name is Amanda McLayan. I'm a 17 year old High School student, I'm what they call a 'nerd' in the school but I have secrets of my own.

Xaiver Klent the school's 'badboy/player' his mysterious, dangerous and a guy who loves to fight, now when I say fight I mean Street Fighting, Boxing you name it.

What will happen when Amanda and Xaiver talk to each other for the first time, well let me just tell you It's not something pretty.

read more to find out about Amanda, who is she ? will we find out? well you will if you keep reading.

story by: xXKillerChillerXx



  • badboy
  • boxing
  • fighting
  • romance
  • school
  • secretlife
  • teenager
I dont know if your hair actually does this but mine does and a tip try to put it in a low ponytail before bed it's still a mess just not as bad
hungryandalone77 hungryandalone77 Aug 18, 2016
I'm pale too and I'm perfectly content with it, I do go outside sometimes but I burn instead of tan
NicaHil2004 NicaHil2004 Aug 14, 2016
We scream! We shout! We are the fallen angels!!! BvB for LIFE. also AC/DC...
meganmanyama meganmanyama Dec 30, 2015
ok that's kinda weird how about if someone likes the story and wants u to finish
Cayladef Cayladef Jul 14, 2015
PREACH, I use to have like 5 stories and I would shift from book to book casually editing and sometimes I would leave some of the books for months without updates but I tried deleting most of my books or u publishing them until I have finished my lasted one
-Effie-here- -Effie-here- Jun 24, 2015
Your right !!!! I do the exact same thing so don't worry your not alone!!!!