Paint Me, Teacher (boyxboy)

Paint Me, Teacher (boyxboy)

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Heaven Ross. The undiscovered artist, studying at an arts and performance school. Heaven wants to become an artist and he finds his new teacher to be absolutely h-o-t. But wait... wasn't he the same guy Heaven saw at the club last night? And the same guy he already had sex with?
What do you do when you've had sex with your new art teacher?!?

Find out in Paint Me Teacher!
Watch Heaven go through a series of events that just seem to NOT go his way. ^_^

Thank you for reading and don't forget to vote, comment, follow and etc -- it means soooo much <33

bookwormwithnolife bookwormwithnolife Sep 20, 2016
First day of school and you're drawing nude people? At my school we would have to send out forms asking our parents and do nothing but introductions on the first day
SamSpinelli SamSpinelli Dec 09, 2016
im reading this surrounded by students in my english class
                              and i can keep a good poker face
- - Oct 28, 2015
I hate does he like being called the wrong name now!?
peanutbuttermilktea peanutbuttermilktea Mar 23, 2015
I'm sorry but did no one hear their conversation earlier? Tf
jazz_tyrell jazz_tyrell Oct 31, 2014
tut...tut.. the saying goes....curiosity killed the cat.....
xShinra xShinra Oct 31, 2014
@jazz_tyrell omg that is such a good movie <33 Richard Harmon is perfection ♥