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Bex By Xebbex Updated Oct 15, 2016

"In the eyes of the Absolute Law, I have no rights.

I am no-one. But I'm not the only no-one. There are thousands of us.

We are imprisoned in the underground bunker that was once built to save humanity. There is no sunlight here, it is always dark and damp. We eat from cans and drink dirty water. We learn by teaching ourselves to read outdated books.

We are the children of the 'depraved'. Perpetual orphans raising one another.

and when we turn 18. They own us."

Imogen is 18, and about to be sold to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for her the highest bidder is the crown. They're after a new test subject for a mystery serum. A serum that has killed 10 others before her. Miraculously she survives, and soon discovers she isn't quite the same person anymore.

Oliver is 24 and the son of the Queen. He despises the way things are and yearns for change. At first he and Imogen dislike each other intensely. Each believing the wrong things about the other.

Soon they realize just how valuable they are to one another, and how together they just might be able to take down the Absolute Laws.

  • drama
  • post-apocalyptic
  • science-fiction
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mhang95 mhang95 Apr 05, 2015
yes. this book sound interesting! you should really continue!
CopperPheonix CopperPheonix Dec 18, 2014
This is really awesome, better than the popular dystopias' right now.
coamay coamay Sep 21, 2014
this is REALLY good Xebbex & I would absolutely love to read a full book. you should DEFINITELY continue writing!! I think it would do well.
Violetlilly Violetlilly Sep 08, 2014
definitely!  it sounds SO interesting ill definitky read this
ilovenakahara ilovenakahara Aug 29, 2014
hi..this is an interesting story! A good starting one.. :) keep up the good work. :)
MarinaB8B MarinaB8B Aug 20, 2014
This book reminds me of the Giver and Divergent but in it's own way so you should really continue