Falling in Love with a Ghost

Falling in Love with a Ghost

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darksolace By darksolace Updated Jan 01

Kylie Livingston is your average, teenage girl. She has a past with ghosts so she can feel them or see them. She and her family moved to Brooklyn to keep her away from ghosts. But little did they know, a hot, arrogant, male ghost was staying there. There is also a hot, kind and sweet neighbor who fell in love with her. Who will she end up with? The one that she loves or the one who loves her? Find out by reading..


This is the first story I've ever written, so it's not that great, but I hope you give this a chance.

  • anger
  • ghost
  • humor
  • pranks
  • supernatural
kimmybryan kimmybryan May 27, 2017
You skipped too many scenes, and you need to explain/describe what's happening more
It was awwwssssooooommeeeee like uuu
                              But what happened to that black dress lady??? Anyone???
ambitiousintestine ambitiousintestine Nov 18, 2017
reading this at 1 am is not such a good idea but I am too curious to stop. Guess someone's gonna have some creepy dreams tonight :') :O
sofakinik sofakinik Oct 24, 2016
" The hot ghost the author mentioned "  😂😂😂 That was great
SilvaMichiru SilvaMichiru Jan 21, 2017
Hahahahahahaha "jump and hug each other" it must be so funny ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ