Some scars that we have never grow (Zayn Malik)NEEDS EDITING

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Jazmine Emerson has been trough alot since her sister died few years ago. Her mother is almost never home and her dad blames her for her sister death, so he's not afraid to show her how angry he is at her.Jazmine tries to hold on for her friend Jules, wich is the most carrying and loving persone Jazmine knows about. One day a new boy starts at the school. Zayn Malik. He's always with his friends, Harry who every girl is in love with, Liam the boy who takes care of everyone, Niall the irish boy who moved to London 1 year ago and Louis, the most childish and funniest guy you could find. Jazmine and Zayn become friends, but do they get anything more? Can Jazmine tell Zayn how much she is broken inside, or does she push him away. They will go through problems, but will the stick together? There's a bit love and hate going on....will they survive?
loved it! :) i almost cried too when Jules was trying to make Jazmin talk, very well written scene!
You have the best writing stories ability! =) 
                                    I almost cried about your other story -> Save me from My own Destruction and now I wanna read this to test myself hahaha :) I'll support you till the end 
wow! a Zayn malik fanfic, definitely gonna be awesome :D Good luck :3 <3