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Royal Sinners (PUBLISHED)

Royal Sinners (PUBLISHED)

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Ellena Odde By Ellena_Odde Completed

After witnessing the death of her mother, Hanna Mamori has lived as quietly as she could. But when she gets tangled up with the mafia once more and she discovers that things are far more complicated than she thought, will Hanna be strong enough to face the ugly truth?


For the past nine years, Hanna Mamori has lived alone, afraid of the dark. But things change when the Fortunello, led by Zachary Orleonne, becomes a part of her quiet life. In a territory where she cannot avoid getting tangled up with the mafia, Hanna is forced to face the part of her past where it all started-the day when her mother died. As she and her friends try to seek revenge, Hanna discovers that not everything is what it seemed. Secrets run deeper and masks are yet to be unveiled. Would a weak girl like her really be able to turn things around? Or would all of her sacrifices be thrown into waste?

Cover Designed By April Alforque