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Girls can't play football

Girls can't play football

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O R E N D A  A N O M By Orendanonymous Completed

I see the pigskin flying through the air. I block the running back and run towards the ball. My hands open, waiting to feel the ball in my hands. The feeling never comes. I turn to see a giant, 200 pound man running towards me at full speed. My mind doesn't process it until it's to late. All of the sudden I'm weightless and can't feel the ground underneath me. Then I feel the sickening crunch as my back hits the fake grass. I feel like I'm being dragged across the ground as my momentum launches me forward. I flip over and my shoulder hits the ground with a solid thud. That's not the worst part. My helmet goes soaring through the air and it's so quite, I can hear it land. I see my helmet on the ground and know it's too late.

Jess Arthur, a quiet, shy girl is suddenly thrust back into Football, a game not only one of her her favorites, but her most feared. She knows that the guys would never accept her, so she disguises her self as Wolf, a masked player. Nothing could go wrong, right?

PaulLahoteisBAE PaulLahoteisBAE Aug 20, 2016
I'm a girl I play football. The boy will make fun of you and call you trans and lesbian but on game night your not just a team your a family so dont quit. Do your best. (Right Tackle is what I plal)
madismitty madismitty Dec 25, 2016
hey good for you i wrestle and i'm a girl and i might try out for football now
cara_is_life cara_is_life Dec 03, 2015
I have always hated running but wanted to be on a high school team
cara_is_life cara_is_life Dec 03, 2015
I have always hated running but wanted to be on a high school team
proudweirdo123 proudweirdo123 Oct 14, 2015
Good luck! (I don't mean this in a rude way I just simply want to wish you the best)
bookworm541 bookworm541 Mar 19, 2015
Hi :) I don't mean to be mean at all or anything your story sounds like I am going to love it, but I'd like to let you know that collage is when you glue a bunch of pictures on a surface so it is covered with them, and college is school :)