The Kidnapped Mate

The Kidnapped Mate

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Jasmine By foreverwithyou98 Completed

As I went to take of and shift into my wolf form when I saw movement within the back door of the house next to mine. Cautious I slowly crept over to the bush between the 2 houses. I took a peek at the girl next door. And let me just tell u this. within my  existence I knew that what I felt I have never ever felt before.

The girl next door was my one and only mate.

Let me start out by saying. I hate my life.I'm 17 years old and I just moved to Eastdell. The shittiest town ever. But we moved here because of my fathers job. and I absolutely hated it. Our neighbor is a creep, plus he is the only one around within a 4 mile radius. I'm Kaycee Lee.
But nothing registered in my useless brain of mine that I could be in danger. After about a few mins of my drooling over the hottie, he spoke. "Hello Kaycee." That's all I remember before a white cloth was put over my face and the struggle slowly died down as I became unconscious.

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AntiquatedLemon AntiquatedLemon Dec 27, 2017
Lmao I'm just a little shorter than her and weigh in at about 120. It's possible (and also did we miss the part about having a shitty situation all around??? In the same way that a dumpster on fire is interesting, it's kind of amazing that she isn't worse off).
broken_inside1617 broken_inside1617 Jul 13, 2016
Is it bad the
                              First thing I noticed on the guy was the batman belt😂😂