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Help (Cronkri)

Help (Cronkri)

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Erisolshipper By erisolshipper Completed

KankriXcronus.                                              A cronkri fanfic.
Happy 6irthday t9 the writers sister! 
 Yeah happy birthday to vwhoewver you are

•Aw! Thanks Cro and Kankri for saying that! Happy birthday sis! I hope you like what I did for you! 

Kankri Vantas, the smartest kid in his high school but the one who is most bullied on.....

Cronus Ampora, the most popular kid in high school but the most misunderstood. 

What will happen when the two meet and start becoming friends? 

On vwith the disclaimer right babe? 
9h yes! H9w c9ld we alm9st f9rget! Y9u first Cr9nus. 

The vwriter of this story doesn't ovwn anythin' of homestuck. 

All 6elongs to Andrew Hussie...everything 6ut this pl9t...

 Novw stop reading this and go read our story. 

 Cr9nus! That c9uld 6e triggering t9 s9me pe9ple! 
Your so cute vwhen you talk about triggers. 

•Um guys....we have a story to get to. 

9h right...
 Let's get on vwith it then! I can't vwait. 

DankLonk DankLonk Jul 16
Take the hair advice for trolls from Gamzee. Just don't brush your hair. 👍
Honestly, Kankri has a point with that one. Especially if someone interrupts me then I actually get triggered. Hm...
Omg, I read that as "6 pack" and I almost lost my sh*t! Hahaha! 😂
Me an intellectual for the fifth time on a work like this: ****You're****
1:...Dang that's a good question
                              2: JAKE MOTHERFUCKING ENGLISH YE!
*meanwhile is that one person in the comments who loves math*
                              I suck at it but I love it-