Blue Moon

Blue Moon

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TM Watkins By xMishx Updated 5 days ago

What lengths would a desperate mother go to in order to find her missing daughter? 

When her teenage daughter goes missing after walking to her father's place, Lyla searches in the last place that she was seen, the vampire mile. It's a dangerous stretch of road that has a reputation and Lyla soon learns that her daughter walked down the road at the worst possible time, witching hour.

With time running out, she agrees to engage the services of a man who claims that he can find her daughter better than anyone else. Knowing that she has little choice, Lyla takes the risk and follows the one creature she'd hoped to avoid.

All Lyla needs is to get close to the vampire responsible and her new found friends can get her there. Their path is filled with secrets and lies and Lyla hides the biggest secret of all. 

Lyla believed that the outcast they'd named Joe was responsible for everything that has happened. When she learns the truth, her eyes will be opened to the harsh reality of dealing with vampires. As she delves deeper into their world, Lyla realizes that her life is in danger.

The price that Lyla will pay will be more than she bargained for and leave her in a place that she never expected. With every turn she takes, Lyla gets closer to her target but he's no fool. Knowing that she'd figure it out eventually, he ensures that those around him are exactly where he wants them. The path that Lyla takes is not easy. She doesn't know it but everything that she does is by his design. 

This spider is waiting for the pretty little fly to willingly walk into his web and nothing that Lyla does will stop the inevitable.

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